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Band of Boats: Click, Rent, Sail!

4 July 2018 | | Reading time 2 minutes

Who has never dreamed of cruising on board the perfect boat? Or of quickly getting an ideal boat to go fishing with friends? Or even to rent a power catamaran in just one click for an exciting weekend?

It’s settled: I’m going to rent a boat for my summer holidays! But rather than go through every rental company website, I’ll use the new online platform, Band of Boats, to look for a boat.

What is Band of Boats? It’s a new portal that has appeared in the nautical world: a community-based platform providing services for seafaring enthusiasts.

The services offered by Bob (this is how the nautical community has already nicknamed it) are multiple. On this multibrand platform, you can buy, sell or rent a boat.

Band of Boats allows you to carry out your research on a single platform which gathers a wide range of boats, ensuring optimal quality of service and with access to the best deals. Navigate according to your desires and budget. Plus, it’s really easy.

In no time at all, enter your preferences and choose among the 16,000 suggestions of rental boats, with Bob advisers’ help and the internet users’ opinions. There’s nothing more enjoyable than planning your holidays in just a few clicks. So follow my lead and go and check out Bob!

Plus: Band of Boats is preparing a special discount on boat rentals for all Lagoon catamaran owners who have subscribed to the Club Lagoon, so feel free to sign up here. It won’t take long and costs nothing!