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Oldies but Goodies…

17 October 2011 | | Reading time 2 minutes

I was recently looking for a brochure for a client in the warehouse when I found a real treasure: a bunch of old Lagoon model brochures! It was great to see old Lagoons (which are alive and well, most of them sailing with happy owners)! I definitely wanted to share this piece of history with you…

For the first post on the old Lagoon range, I will just write about the Lagoon 55 which became the Lagoon 57. In fact there were 3 types of model:

  • Lagoon 55: the original and first catamaran made by Lagoon,
  • Lagoon 57: a new skirt design for more comfort at a mooring,
  • Lagoon 57 S: with a higher mast, she was really fast!

You certainly know that the first Lagoon builder was called JTA which means “Jeanneau Techniques Avancées” (Jeanneau advanced technics). Yes, it is the same Jeanneau as the monohull brand. This shipyard was a part of Jeanneau dedicated to and specialised inbuild racing boats. And you could feel it with the first Lagoon catamarans! So don’t be surprised to see on the brochure 2 guys with flashy jackets lowering the spinnaker like in a regatta. You will also notice that the fundamental  cruising catamaran spirit was already there (see the woman with her cocktail glass in front of the bows of the beached Lagoon 55).

Click on the images below to discover the Lagoon 55 and Lagoon 57 brochures.

Vous pouvez aussi télécharger leurs brochures: Lagoon 55, Lagoon 57

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