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The North of Sardinia: The Secrets to Successful Sailing

9 June 2017 | | Reading time 3 minutes

When sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, one is likely to hesitate to cross the Strait of Bonifacio and go to Sardinia, only eight nautical miles from Corsica. Many of them, however, have chosen it as their favourite sailing area, won over by the landscapes, the warm welcoming they receive in the ports and the kindness of the islanders. In this article, we present an overview of the sailing spots and anchoring for your catamaran in a breathtaking Sardinian setting.

The splendid Maddalena archipelago

Coming from Corsica, we start our journey through the Maddalena archipelago: seven main islands (Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli in the north, and Spargi, the Maddalena, San Stefano and Caprera in the south) and islets. A nature of unspeakable beauty that has been protected ever since the creation of a National Park in 1994.
Let yourself be tempted by a mooring spot worthy of the tropics, the Passo Secca di Morto, very close to the famous pink beach of Budelli Island. With Razzoli and Santa Maria, it delimits this superb lagoon surrounded by dry and small sandbanks. Uninhabited islands, red granite, crystalline seabeds, this anchorage has everything going for you.

From Santa Maria, we are heading towards to the east coast of Spargi Island and dropping Anchor in the Cala Granara, at the antipodes of Polynesia, the West Indies … and Brittany!

The luxurious Costa Smeralda

We are leaving the Maddalena archipelago to reach the luxurious Costa Smeralda, a cocktail of magical beach, sea and sun. The Cala di Volpe, immense, and the turquoise waters of the cove of Pevero could well enchant you forever… Impossible not to anchor around the islands Soffi and Mortorio.
To finish our selection of the most beautiful anchorages, it would be a shame not to pass by the island of Tavolara, in front of Olbia, a 565-meter block of granite with a very particular shape. A unique beauty and an unusual place, that you will see only once in your life!

And to round it up, enjoy a nice break at the Cala dei sardi
Last but not least, take a well-deserved break at the Cala dei Sardi. This marina is located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, between Portisco and Porto Rotondo, and is the ideal anchor point for those who want to sail in the beautiful green waters of northern Sardinia.

The marina Cala dei Sardiis the largest environmental-friendly marina in the area. In addition to its 140 berths, it has great service for a stay in the utmost comfort: bars, restaurants, mooring assistance. Partner of Club Lagoon, it offers an exceptional deal to all Lagoon catamaran owners, members of the club. Discover the website of the marina Cala dei Sardi here.