Sylvie, Patrick and Toktok!

13 June 2018 | | Reading time 3 minutes

Everyone arranges their house according to their needs, desires and lifestyle. This also applies to people who live on board of their catamaran. Patrick and Sylvie have been living on TOKTOK, their Lagoon 400, for 7 years. Hence, they have customised several things to feel at home on this boat.

Why did you choose a Lagoon?

We thought about this for nearly 2 years. And when we visited the Lagoon 400 owner’s version at the Grande Motte boat show, it was love at first sight because we knew exactly what we needed. Plus, budget wise, Lagoon had the upper hand with its models.

What main customisations did you carry out on your 400?

My wife and I have very precise ideas, and our passion has made us modify our boat as we go along. The main customisation was the creation of an engine support and a special pivoting vertical davit system to move the tender’s outboard engine towards this support and vice versa.

I was looking for a way to place the 20-HP Honda outboard engine on the boat during long trips and to maintain the engine (it weighs over 60 kg!). The fixed davit models I came across didn’t satisfy me. So, I imagined this model which is perfectly adapted to the 400. The principle: a pole fixed in a corner of the deck allows you to remove the engine from the tender (when the tender is on the water) and lift it to the triangular support (a davit with 4 feet would be too wide on the 400) using the mainsail halyard.

If you reverse the operation, you can lower the outboard engine onto the tender (on the water). It’s a 25 diameter aluminium davit, in a triangular shape to increase its resistance and base on deck.

A pulley system allows you to load the engine and when you change the inclination you can hoist or lower the engine using the mainsail halyard.

This modification makes handling the outboard engine really comfortable, especially since there are only two of us on board.

What else did you customise?

We developed some other adjustments such as:

– A PVC window to shield the saloon from crosswinds: this protects you from the wind without losing any light.

– Two very large cushions for the trampoline: to make our home even more beautiful.

– Fenders especially designed for harbour manoeuvres: for their aesthetic and functional aspect.

– A closet in the front cabin: for more comfort and storage.

What will your next customisation be?

We have set up an extra-long boat hook made from a pool broomstick with a hook at the end, to help catching mooring lines on pontoons, because the 400 is very high on the water.

There will surely be more to come!