About this blog

28 October 2018 | | Reading time 1 minute

This is not the official Lagoon website. If you are looking for it, the address is: www.cata-lagoon.com. Nevertheless, you are welcome on the catamaran world leader blog!

The aim is simple: to welcome you inside the Lagoon world… all around it (shipyard, employees, cooking, sailing, fishing, sunbathing, cruising…)

This means that if you are part of the following population, this blog is for you:

  • Internet users who are looking for some info about the catamaran world,
  • Lagoon owners who are passionate and like to share advice and tricks from their own personal experience,
  • The “around the world dreamers” who are asking themselves if a 38’ cat is not too small for their future plans,
  • Other brands skippers who are asking themselves why Lagoon catamarans with their vertical windows look a bit like a building?

So this blog is for everyone who wants to talk about catamaran cruising, those who dream of cruising on catamaran and for those who cruise on them now.

Alex and the Lagoon Inside Team.