B&G presents its new HALO20+ Radar and the Velocity Track technology!

21 December 2020 | | Reading time 3 minutes

B&G radar Halo 20+

B&G’s award-winning Radar will keep constant watch over you and your crew. The new HALO20+ pulse-compression radar provides the ultimate in target detection and high levels of safety with unbelievable clarity for both long and short range views simultaneously.


B&G Halo20+ B&G Halo20+ B&G Halo20+

HALO20+ radar has revolutionised the market by providing visibility close to real time. With an ultra-fast rotation of 60 rpm on short range (up to 1.5 nautical miles), making it ideal for avoiding collisions.  HALO20+ enables coverage of both close range manoeuvres through busy waterways and long distance navigation.

Adjusting a radar may require specific skills, as there are various parameters and an incorrect set-up will result in poor images. To avoid this, B&G has programmed “user modes” which fully configure the device according to the navigation situation. These modes help to ensure that ensure the targets you need to see are vividly displayed: Harbour, Offshore, Weather and Bird modes quickly optimise the radar settings to give you the information you need, when you need it. These modes tune HALO20+ Radar’s advanced signal processing to help ensure that targets can be seen vividly even in the toughest environmental conditions.

HALO20+ radar is also instantly ready from standby mode with InstantOn™, so you can benefit from its high speed radar coverage in just a few seconds. This radar is also characterized by its weight, the B&G design department managed to save 1.5 kg compared to the previous generation of broadband radars. This compact 20-inch radome weighs only 5.9 kg and the range is not reduced, it offers a detection range of up to 36 nautical miles.


  • Thanks to the Dual Range mode, you can keep an eye on the weather, while remaining vigilant regarding potential collision risks.
  • You can also superimpose the radar image onto the chart, instantly displaying obstructions and vessels that do not appear on the charts (radar overlay feature).
  • Track up to 10 MARPA targets simultaneously (20 in Dual Range mode). The Marpa system means Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid and enables tracking of selected targets.

Moreover, HALO20+ radar provides enhanced safety thanks to VelocityTrack™ technology.

B&G HALO 20+


VelocityTrack™ provides instant visual feedback on whether targets are coming towards you or moving away in relation to your boat. Automatically highlight all approaching targets and dismiss targets that do not present an immediate risk.

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Thanks to B&G, sail confidently on board your Lagoon!