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Destination Greece

23 June 2022 | | Reading time 4 minutes

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Greece, every time! How can you resist the desire to escape when you hear the name of this unmissable Mediterranean destination? When presented with this nautical Eldorado, boaters are as happy as Ulysses to have come on such an incredible voyage, one that will likely be followed by many others.

Your modern-day Odyssey.
What can we say about Greece, except that it will transport you back to antiquity, as well as to pristine natural spaces? That it is as much an open-air historical museum as it is a temple of yachting that no sailor has ever fully discovered? While the exact number of Greek islands still remains a mystery, Greece can boast a rich and varied heritage. From Thessaloniki to Heraklion, via Athens and Santorini, the 8,000 nautical miles of coastline provide a huge marine playground for anyone venturing into the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas. On crystal-clear waters and under a brilliant sun, the country of the Hellenes inspires some of the most fantastic cruising from the Cyclades, the Sporades, Athens, Crete, or the Dodecanese archipelago, the gateway to Turkey.

Greece is too beautiful and too unique not to discover it by stepping ashore on the continent. Remembering that this is the cradle of democracy, all the reasons to undertake a new epic are entirely legitimate. Retracing the Odyssey of Ulysses, savoring the Hellenic dolce vita, living wondrous experiences on and under water, getting up speed in a pilgrimage place for windsurfers or even treating yourself to some cruising off the beaten track, far from the throng of tourists. A true invitation to escape, Greece enchants boaters from all over the world attracted by the sweet sound of ancient sirens. Will you answer their call?

8 unmissable anchorages when you charter a boat in Greece
Athens and The Cyclades:  Sarakiniko (a canyon polished by the waves), Kleftiko caves (natural arches and white cliffs), Tigani (turquoise lagoon of an uninhabited islet), and Naoussa (a traditional little fishing port in Paros)

Ionian Islands: Skorpios (a small private island west of Lefkada), Vathy (the traditional port of Ithaca), Papanikolis (fabulous cave shaped by stalactites), and Fiskardo (the Greek Saint-Tropez).


Many hours of sunshine, agreeable temperatures, and little rainfall. Greece has a Mediterranean climate that is the envy of many a country. Winters are mild and pleasant, summers very hot and dry. Its geographical position, its steep coastlines and its contrast between land and sea shape a region that has a very varied climate where you can enjoy sailing 8 months of the year in excellent conditions.

…and when to head to Greece

Cruising against the current in the Cyclades by Xavier, our expert advisor in Greece. 

The mythical Santorini, the sparkling Mykonos, the unmissable Paros… travelers flock to admire the splendor of these Greek pearls. Charm simply emanates from the islands, and you can still smell the perfume of the great Odysseys. Even though the Cyclades are well-known to all boaters, they still offer opportunities for cruising off the beaten track.

Serifos, the serenity of the Hellenes
The charm of discreet Serifos is felt as soon as you arrive in the anchorage of Lia or Karavi. As authentic as it is wild, the island of Serifos is simply inviting you to stroll around. The typical white houses of Chora, the ruins of the ancient castle of Kastro, the beautiful beach of Agios Sostis or the winery at Chrysoloras, are all the reasons you need to come and surf the quiet wave that rolls in Serifos.

Poseidon and Hephaestus left an indelible mark on volcanic Milos. In the west of the island, the caves of Kleftiko create a grand spectacle from the sea. Natural arches formed in these huge, white limestone cliffs where pirate ships once hid. A volcanic island, but also an ancient city, Milos history is recounted through its archaeological sites, such as Klima.

Far from the hustle and bustle of tourist spots, Folegandros blends Greek traditions and wild landscapes. This steep island with an authentic heart calmly reveals the most beautiful scenery. Once anchored, there is no shortage of possibilities for exploration: the village of Choras, the port of Karavostassi, the deserted beach of Katergo, the church of Agios Giorgios…