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Discover the Belize From the Sea

7 November 2017 | | Reading time 3 minutes

The Belize is a small country of Central America, surrounded by Mexico and Guatemala. Its particularity is to welcome, 70 kilometers away from its coast, a Blue hole. This amazing abyss, encircled by coral, is a famous diving spot. Its distinctive feature is its geological formation.

A blue hole is an abyss created during the last glaciation. It is the result of a chemical alteration of limestone and especially the acid rain, which infiltrates the ground because of the vegetation. This one is the cause of the erosion and the dissolution of the grounds, which created large underground chamber.

Originally, the Blue Hole of Belize was a glacial cave. With the rising water, it has been gorged with water. Its roof fell off, created this perfectly round abyss. So round, that some beliefs even think its creation is “supernatural”.

The best way to visit Belize is from the sea. Sailing allow you to discover a beautiful maritime life and nice tiny islands. Few kilometers away from the coast, you could find many of these islands named “cayes”, as Ambergis Caye with luxury benefits and the Caulker Caye with a “backpacker” atmosphere. These “cayes” are small islands made of coral with a small amount of sand on it. You usually find it in tropical environment.

The company Belize Sailing Vacationsuses their Lagoon catamarans to offer luxury cruises on the coasts of this hidden paradise. Belize is not a very touristic place, unlike these neighbors: Mexico and Guatemala, but Belize has a lot to offer, and Belize Sailing Vacationsget it well. They organize cruises on the second biggest coral reef, to explore beautiful beaches, and to discover underwater Belize world. As specialists of this navigation area, and in their opinion, they share with us their knowledge about the 4 best “cayes” in Belize:

North Long Coco

It is perfect for fishing and snorkeling as it has a maze of coral reefs with deep channels in between.


This island has amazing white sandy beaches, coconut trees, soaring pelicans and a tiny resort of cabanas with a super fun little beach bar. The resident parrot “Charlie” is also a big hit!

Pelican Cayes

This is a collection of mangrove islands surrounded by some of the most pristine corals in the country, the maritime life and coral diversity are spectacular! In addition, there is a tiny hidden away bar down a wooden walkway in the mangroves called “Hideaway Bar”.

Tobacco Caye

Dotted with colorful cabanas, coconut trees and 39 local residents, Tobacco caye offers a unique opportunity to witness the remote island way of life that the residents live: catching fishes, collecting shells and swimming with manatees, who live there too.

La compagnie de charter: Belize Sailing Vacations et sa chaîne d’hôtellerie à terre Absolute Belize, offrent de magnifiques vacances dans cette perle de l’Amérique centrale.