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Do you know the “Vice Commodores Rendezvous”?

30 October 2015 | | Reading time 3 minutes

Often synonymous with friendliness and fun, at Lagoon we love events gathering boat owners (you only have to take a look at the last Lagoon Escapades’ photos). Tony and Sue, happy owners of a Lagoon 421 called SeaQuill participated in the “Vice Commodores Rendezvous” 2015 organized by the Cruising Yacht Club Shag Islet (SICYC). They introduce here this unusual event:

“Where else, but in Australia would you find a Cruising Yacht club that: is at a location that is only visible at low tide; where every member is a “Vice Commodore”; and that includes members from 14 different countries.

As we travel up the east coast of Australia on board our Lagoon 421 SeaQuill, which has been our floating home now for 18 months, we have arrived one of the best cruising grounds in North Queensland: the Whitsunday Islands (mark red, A, on the map below). Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, these islands offer numerous anchorages. They benefits from a clear sky throughout the year and from a warm winter with no rain. It is not hard to see why so many migrate to this part of Australia during winter.

At the northern end of this area, Gloucester Island (mark yellow, B) dominates the horizon. It is near here, at place that hardly exists (except at low tide) that the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club (SICYC) holds its annual rendezvous – an event not to be missed!

Shag Islet (mark green, C) is situated in the Gloucester Passage in the Whitsunday Region (20°03’8’’ S 148°26’5’’ E). It is a small rocky islet with a beach which is exposed only on a falling tide. Normally there is nothing on the islet except at the annual SICYC Rendezvous when hundreds of “Vice Commodores” gather on the last week end in August.

But what is this SICYC? Well with typical Australian irreverence to formality the SICYC has a unique purpose: create and maintain a Network for Cruising Yachties and individuals who enjoy boating. Each “Vice Commodore” represents an individual Nautical Location, of their own choice. I am for example the Vice Commodore of the Port of Douglas – Isle of Man. This club sets out to be “EXCLUSIVELY – NON EXCLUSIVE” (a truly unique Aussie approach).

But the most important thing to know is that the SICYC is a non profit organization which raises money to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) with its Prostate Cancer Research.

The preliminary fund raising figure for the 2015 Rendezvous is a Record of $77,000!”

An overview of the theme for this year’s Rendezvous:

Thanks Tony for this presentation. If you’re interested, please note that the “Vice Commodores Rendezvous” 2016 will be held in August, from 25 to 28.