Forward Scan®, B&G’s forward-looking sounder

5 April 2019 | | Reading time 2 minutes

Like any sailor, I’m sure you’d like to know what’s on the seabed in front of your catamaran, especially when you’re sailing near the coast. The need is real, because we all fear rocks just beneath the surface, and shallows.

Sailors are familiar with using depth sounders to find out what’s going on underneath the boat, in terms of depth. But to see what was happening ahead, there was no affordable technology. Only the sonars seen submarines allow you to know what’s going on in front of the boat, and your boat is not a submarine! To enable you to keep calm as you approach the coast, B&G is presenting an innovative solution: a forward-looking sounder called ForwardScan®! It’s scanning what’s going on in front of the boat!

The ForwardScan® forward-looking sounder indicates what lies ahead underwater with clear and precise information about the nature of the terrain in front of the boat when you are in shallow water. This technological equipment displays: “safe” green zones, “at risk” yellow zones and “danger” red zones thanks to a chart overlay system. This way the worst nightmare of all sailors can be avoided… colliding with an unseen object.

With ForwardScan®, you can be sure of safety, and benefit from transmission time and image refresh rate up to ten times faster than with a traditional sonar unit. Such equipment allows you to navigate without stress in poorly-charted or even sometimes uncharted areas thanks to a perfectly clear picture of what is happening in front of your boat. Future dangers or obstructions can be avoided by setting alarms customized to the draft of your catamaran.

Forward Scan® was the winner of the 2014 Newport International Boat Show For New ProductsTM (NFNP) award. The judges said:

“The B&G ForwardScan delivers something every boater should know – how deep is the water ahead of my boat? With a range of 10 times the depth of the water under the boat, this product is applicable for any boating type – whether yachting, power cruising, sailing or fishing – in any size boat and in any waters. What’s more, it is insanely affordable – this is a must have!”

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