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French Polynesia, a dream come true

12 January 2022 | | Reading time 4 minutes

Written in association with Click&Boat.

There are destinations that we no longer hear of, yet others that emerge from their shells, revealing their features bit by bit, each more charming than the previous. The latter is the case for French Polynesia and her archipelago of 118 islands. Astounding wonder!

Journeying there will shatter these certainties and overwhelm your eyes. French Polynesia has this explosive character, but all in the utmost kindness, like the lei necklace of flowers given to welcome visitors. Wild, liberated, unique, natural: you need to go there to find the best adjective to describe it. The main destinations evoke dreams: Bora-Bora and its coral reef, the main island of Tahiti and its capital Papeete, Cook’s Bay, one of the most beautiful in the world… We leave you pondering these delights as the nautical dream of lanning a boat rental in French Polynesia becomes reality.

Motus tranquilly revealed

But what is a motu? The Polynesian definition of a motu is a small islet of broken coral and sand forming one of the sections of an atoll that has emerged from the waves. There are countless motus and as you sail around, you will find one that could well be your very own piece of paradise.

Our four (fantastic) Polynesian anchorages

Motu Nao Nao

To follow in the footsteps of Alexander Selkirk (the real Robinson Crusoe), you need to sail to the archipelago of the Juan Fernandez islands archipelago, off Chile. You can enjoy a Polynesian version, but without the survival operations, at anchor, in a sumptuous location isolated from the rest of the world. The Nao Nao pass is highly recommended for fishermen and divers.

Avea Bay

Avea Bay offers all that anyone could expect from an exceptional and sheltered anchorage, where the word “idleness” can be the only appropriate one to use. Gaze at the leopard rays and take your time to enjoy the typically Polynesian welcome offered by Relais Mahana at the Le Mahana Hotel.


Slow Polynesian living? The very embodiment of it is the island of Taha’a – quiet, peaceful, authentic and simple. Time stands still, and you are about to enjoy one of the most beautiful snorkeling sites in the archipelago right from your boat off La Taha’a Island Resort and Spa.


Exploring Bora-Bora’s seabed is must-do, going beyond a simple passing recommendation. Mont Otemanu stands wise, guarded by lush vegetation. The island will only exceed your expectations, whether hiking, diving, or discovering the coral reef and white sand beaches. The motu Tapu makes the most perfect anchorage, at the southeastern corner, just north of Faroone Point.

A journey in the broadest sense of the word, like a Polynesian voyage, is best if prepared. Take advantage of our partner Click&Boat expertise to plan your tailor-made vacation, from flights to transfers to the marina in the heart of the Pacific. The two main Polynesian charter bases are at Raiatea (Leeward Islands) and Rangiroa/Fakavara, from where you start exploring the beauty of the Tuamotu Archipelago.

Click&Boat’s advice for discovering French Polynesia

  • Plan a minimum of 3 weeks to explore. You’ll need to devote two days to air travel.
  • Extend your vacation to a full month if you want to visit a second archipelago
  • Choose the best period in the sailing season, spread over three months: May, June, and September
  • Once in Tahiti, don’t miss Moorea, considered the little sister of the most famous vahine. Climbing to the Belvedere lookout will amaze you, and you should also schedule a memorable dive, a sporty hike, a parachute jump and a whale watching trip. It’s simply magical.

French Polynesia: inspiring and intoxicating

We owe the myth of French Polynesia to French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, immortalized by the phrase “like paradise on earth”, a heartfelt call heard in April 1768. For the record, he was the second European to discover Tahiti after Samuel Wallis, but his tale has remained in the collective memory, inspiring painters, writers (Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island), sailors, romantics and travelers from every horizon.

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