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Licata: A Gateway To the Heart of Sicily

24 April 2017 | | Reading time 3 minutes

As a boat owner who wishes to set sail for the Mediterranean, one might wonder in which specific area to go sailing. This article will make you discover a strategic spot located in the South of Sicily: Licata.

At the crossroads between various civilisations, Licata captures all the unspoiled charm and the ancient culture of the many rulers of Sicily as well as the deep blue of the Mediterranean. This city, located by the sea, is not only a place that tells centuries of history, but also an excellent starting point for evocative and exciting navigation in the Mediterranean. From the West to the East and through the South, here are a few unmissable spots to discover without moderation:

Sailing West

Scala dei Turchi (27 Nm)

The “Scala”, bordering the territory of Agrigento looks up to the breathtaking Valley of the Temples.

Some of you might think that the Scala is covered with snow…Well, it isn’t! The surprising yet fascinating white colour of the cliff stems from the perfect combination of fine-grained limestone and clay that only Mother Nature is capable of creating. For the most adventurous, it is possible to walk up the natural staircase carved by the wind and rain.

Island hopping in the South

Gozo et Comino (180 ° – 62 Nm)

Gozo and Comino, the sister islands of Malta, are a real paradise on earth. According to legend, Gozo is the legendary island of Calypso, mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

Malte (162 ° – 69 Nm)

An endless array of beaches… Wherever you go, the islands’ scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop: the colours are striking, honey-coloured stone against the deepest of Mediterranean blue.

Pantelleria (215 ° – 90 Nm)

The caves, pebble beaches and small fishermen harbours are as many elements that highlight the character and charm that Pantelleria has. Do not miss the “Arco dell’Elefante”.

Sailing East

Last direction we can point at is: East, where old harbours and islands will clearly remind you of the ancient Greece.

Marzamemi (68 Nm)

The beach of Marzamemi di Portopalo di Capo Passero, at the heart of the picturesque fishing village of the same name, is surrounded by the beautiful headland of Punta Bove Marino, where the presence of monk seals was once reported.

Island of Ortigia (92 Mn)

Hosting the oldest port of the city of Syracuse, the island is famous for its massive castle Maniace, built by Frederick II of Swabia.

Once you have navigated your way through Sicily, the Marina di Cala del Sole – a modern, forward-thinking marina with many facilities – will be happy to welcome you. With up to 1500 berths, and its vibrant cultural surroundings, Marina di Cala del Sole is a wonderful place to stay. Also a partner of the Club Lagoon, Marina di Cala del Sole, reserves special offers for the members of the club.