Multiplexing on board the Lagoon

25 October 2022 | | Reading time 2 minutes

  • What is multiplexing on board the Lagoon?

Multiplexing allows access to all of the boat’s electronic functions via the main touch screen on the dashboard. The technology is already used on many racing boats and is an innovation for yachting that aims to make life easier for the owner.

The multiplexing on board the Lagoon is done through the SCHEIBER network.

  • What is the SCHEIBER network?

Scheiber network is different electronic devices (Input/Output devices, Sensors, Load controllers) interconnected in a BUS network.

Example of a network layout on a Lagoon 50.

  • Onboard, how does it works? (example with lighting)

  1. Press the virtual switch on your Ship Control device or on your Navicolor Screen
  2. Informations are sent via the “Can Network” (orange cables)
  3. The SCHEIBER lightning module processes the information
  4. The light turns ON
  • Onboard, how does it works? (example with tanks sensors)

  1. Sensors’ measures are read by the SCHEIBER BLOC7 module
  2. The module translates and shares the information (through the “Can Network”)
  3. The information is displayes on the Ship Control device or your Navicolor Screen
  • Onboard features

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of the equipments you can find on board the Lagoon.

  • Focus on Ship Control (not installed in each Lagoon models)

With the Ship control interface, each of the boat’s main functions is accessed through a set of universal icons: through the interface, all functions are carried out at the touch of a finger. It is thus possible to control the data relating to navigation, fluids and the engine. It is also possible to control the lighting, air conditioning, hifi, electrical sources (AC) and bilge pumps. The number and nature of the functions available through Ship Control are tailored to each ship model.

Whether sailing or at anchor, Ship Control provides intelligent assistance for comfort, safety and enjoyment of life on board. And to allow each crew member to take an active part in the management of the boat, it is possible to connect several tablets or smartphones to the interface in parallel.

If we go into the technical side of this technology, Ship Control , is a miror of the Scheiber network.

  • Troubleshooting the multiplexing system

In case of trouble, please refer to your dealer to proceed to troubleshooting. All Lagoon dealers, service centers and customer service are trained and ready to handle any kind of troubleshooting on multiplexing systems.