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Oldies but goodies… (2)

17 October 2011 | | Reading time 2 minutes

After the success of the Lagoon 55 and 57, the brand wanted to make the access to catamarans easier with the launching of smaller models. Hence, the Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 37, launched in the 90’s. Except their sizes, these boats were special in the Lagoon history range because they were built in the USA by the shipyard Tillotson Pearson Inc. Composite, pioneer in the composite infusion process. The aim of this relationship was to enter the US market and convince charter companies such as The Moorings which for example rebranded the Lagoon 37 as Moorings 3700. Today this shipyard has left the boat business and is a well known company for composite wind turbine wings and military equipment.

The Lagoon 42 launched in 1991 was nominated best catamaran and best boat of the year by the american magazine Sailing World. This catamaran was a great success in charter thanks to her large space inside and a real seaworthiness.

Lagoon, with the architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost continued their partnership with TPI and launched the Lagoon 37 at the end of 1992.  This catamaran was based on the same principles as the 42. With a powerful sail surface to move this roomy catamaran, a top speed over 10 knots was no rare thing. 51 Lagoon 42 units and 43 Lagoon 37 units were built by TPI. In the following years Lagoon came back to France to produce the first “3 figures models” as the Lagoon 410, the Lagoon 470…470…

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