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Once a baker, always a baker!

14 October 2020 | | Reading time 3 minutes


What a luxury it is from the helm of your catamaran to smell fresh bread baked in the oven coming up from the galley! Bread is a staple food, and it’s all the more precious when cruising as it is used with many easy-to-prepare dishes (pâtés, cheeses, etc). It’s not as difficult as it seems and is very satisfying to cook in your oven.


Here are the essential ingredients

For 1 kilo of flour:

– ½ liter of water. Use only fresh water and don’t mix fresh water and sea water as is sometimes recommended: sea salt counteracts the action of the yeast before it is incorporated into the flour. Take water from the tanks, especially not water from the refrigerator. Don’t hesitate to warm it up a little if you’re sailing in cooler climates.

– 1 large tablespoon of softened butter

– 12 to 15 grams of yeast. In general, sachets of dehydrated yeast are used which contain 5 or 7 grams. So use 2 to 3 sachets. Don’t overdo the yeast, as an excess does not help the dough to rise. Also it gives a bitter aftertaste.

–  2 tablespoons of salt



– In a large bowl, mix the yeast with water. Beat with a whisk until well-mixed. Leave to stand for 15 minutes and then mix again.

– Pour in all the flour, stirring regularly.

– Only then, add the salt and butter.

– Wash and dry your hands ,then put a little flour on them.

You can start to knead in the bowl to make a first ball and collect all the bits from the edges.

The ideal is then to remove the ball of dough and work it right on the worktop.Some Lagoon catamarans are equipped with Corian®.A particularly suitable surface because it is non-porous and therefore hygienic!

Separate the dough in two. Place the first one on the second and repeat the operation. Shape the whole ball again, separate it again and so on. Add a little flour if the mixture becomes too sticky.

-Put the whole dough ball back into the bowl, cover with a clean dish towel and leave to stand for about an hour. The best place to help the bread rise at this stage is in a warm place. Don’t laugh… BAs long as you’re not sailing in the tropics, the best place is … the engine compartment!


cooked bread



– Since the dough will have risen and swollen to the shape of the bowl, it will probably have to be flattened to fit the geometry of the oven.

– Sprinkle a little flour over it.

– Preheat the oven to 220° C and place in the oven. Bake for about an hour, lowering the temperature by one notch every quarter of an hour.

When the bread comes out of the oven, brush it with a little water to give it a glazed appearance.



Be imaginative: Following the success of your first few loaves, you can vary the pleasures by incorporating  other ingredientsinto the flour: anis seeds?, cumin or sesame seeds, pitted olives, dried fruit, diced bacon, small cheese cubes, etc.

Bon appétit! Please share your creations with us in the comments.