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Quiet anchorage

2 February 2014 | | Reading time 1 minute

As you already know, I love our owners sailing stories, to receive their pictures, anecdotes … And to see our boats in their natural element, the sea. Here is one from David, the owner of the Lagoon 450 “Magique” sailing in New Zealand:

We were anticipating 30knots when sailing towards south New Zealand but we ended getting 64 knots (hurricane, Beaufort 12). We clawed our way along the Wairarapa coast and anchored at Castle Point for 18 hours. Fortunately we were only a few miles off the coast when the severe winds hit. We sailed treble reefed for a few hours with no problem.

When the wind abated we continued to Cape Palliser and Havelock. I must be a terrible sailor and I though we had avoided the Karori Rip, but no, we were 4 miles off the coast and I looked outside to white water and very steep waves – we had 5 knots of current running against us. However with a strong SE wind, Magique loved it and we comfortably hit 23 knots down a wave!

Here the video of the “quiet” anchorage of Castle Point!