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Sailing in France – The Brittany

18 December 2015 | | Reading time 3 minutes

We continue our overview of the best sailing spots by discovering this time the French coast and especially the French west coast islands.

Christophe, one of the area sales manager at Lagoon, convinced us to write this article. Spending time this summer in Brittany with its family, he sailed onboard a Lagoon 380, rented for the occasion.

We present you here the route they have followed during their cruise. Leaving from Lorient, a west wind headed their trip to the south islands.


Day 1
Sail toward the south of Brittany islands.
Off the coast of Quiberon, you can find Belle-Île-en-Mer. With its wild coastline, the island is full of beautiful landscapes. Enjoy a first anchorage at Port Goulphar, its well sheltered cove will allow you to spend a quiet night.

Not to be missed: just before arriving at Port Goulphar, admire the Cotton Port Needles, a very famous and appreciated place for the original shape of the rocks.

Day 2
The following day, sail around the island and reach the port of Sauzon. This is an opportunity for sailors to discover the landscapes and wild coasts of the island.

Sauzon, a village with multiple colors, is a pleasant place to spend the evening. Its restaurants and its summer events seduce many travelers.

Day 3
After the discovery of Belle-Île-en-Mer, go to l’Île d’ Houat and its great Treach and Gouret beaches for a third anchorage. Its large beaches offer a landscape quite different from Belle-Île-en-Mer coasts.

Day 4
The Golf du Morbihan is near, we suggest you to visit it. Stop along the famous port of l’Île aux Moines.

This is an opportunity to put your feet on the ground and discover the charms of the island, the time of a walk. And maybe you’ll have the opportunity, as our sailors, to taste oysters from a local producer…

Day 5
After a nice day of walk, it’s time to sail and to discover Hoëdic. Located near to l’Île-d’Houat, Hoëdic is a small island of 2.8km². We recommend you to go around before going back to Houat but this time, anchor near to the Treac’h er Salus beach.

Day 6
Far from having seen all the beautiful places of Belle-Île-en-Mer, you will be able to head to Le Palais, the “capital” of the island. Its port, surrounded by the Vauban citadel is the place of arrival of vacationers. With a different atmosphere from Sauzon , you will discover a new face of the island.

Day 7
To end your trip, you can go around the la pointe des Poulains. From your boat, you will have an uninterrupted view on this majestic lighthouse located on top of the island. Be careful, do not go too close, the tide can sometimes play tricks.

Christophe and his crew keep excellent memories of their trip around the Breton islands. They decided to go back next year in order to continue the discovery of this beautiful region. If the wind permits it, they will head for the l’archipel des Glénan.