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Sailing in the United States – Santa Catalina Island

22 January 2016 | | Reading time 2 minutes

Lola, formerly a member of the Lagoon team, took off for California at the start of the last year. Used to sailing at sea, she kindly prepared us a short introduction to Santa Catalina Island.

Approximately 30 miles from the vast, buzzing city of Los Angeles, there is a small corner of paradise: Santa Catalina Island. With its turquoise waters, its fine, sandy beaches and its mountains ideally suited to rambling, this island, which is 35 km long and 13 km wide, is a favourite destination for all nature-lovers. It is a heaven of peace, away from the bustle of the large Californian cities.


Going by the accounts that you hear on the pontoons of Marina del Rey, Cherry Cove, Emerald Bay and Little Geiger are among the most beautiful anchorages. These three places provide the opportunity for delightful Stand-Up-Paddle boarding sessions and pleasant dives. On land, the island’s two largest towns are Avalon (3728 permanent residents) and Two Harbord (only 300 permanent residents; it only has a bar and a grocery store but the atmosphere is warm and friendly).

Cherry cove

This cove is well protected from the wind. But beware, as soon as you come out, the westerly wind makes itself felt. This can make anchoring more difficult.

Emerald bay

An attractive view of 2 Lagoon catamarans from a Stand-Up-Paddle board

With 80 moorings and areas of sandy bottom suitable for anchoring, this bay is ideal for diving. If you hire canoes on the beach, you can go and explore the caves surrounding the anchorage. It is even said that you can find a beach at the far end of one of them.

Little Geiger

ittle Geiger is the island’s smallest mooring area, with only one mooring buoy. However, its sandy bottom and a westerly wind provide good conditions for anchoring.


All these mooring areas have mooring buoys installed. A good tip: get there before anyone else, because you can’t pre-book!Lola from NAOS Yachts for Lagoon

NAOS Yachts is the Lagoon and Bénéteau dealer for southern California. With its charter department, NAOS offers the possibility of an excursion to Santa Catalina Island.