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Sailing Through the Swedish Archipelago!

9 March 2018 | | Reading time 3 minutes

For this article, I take you to Sweden, because, dark blue waters could be dreamy too!

Nowhere else on earth, you can find such richness of natural islands this close together. The Stockholm archipelago counts an incredible 24.000 islands and offers unique surroundings of clean crisp waters.

The beauty of the landscape can sometimes hide some difficulties for the crews. It is good to know, that there are no tidal waters in the archipelago and the summer is not usually stormy. Nevertheless, during the fall, you can meet strong winds and high sea. The bigger danger of this archipelago is the rocks you can find near the surface. When you sail, be aware you can meet rocks on the surface. Pay attention to the depth to sail peacefully. A fun marker: numerous seals live in the archipelago and they like to be on the top of these high rocks!

I offer you to visit the three most beautiful islands on the east coast of the archipelago:

Smögen:is one of the most famous and renowned island in the west coast. Thanks to crayfish, and lobster fishing, you could find a lot of very nice restaurants, as well as an unforgettable fish market. This lovely island has to be discovered by the sea to enjoy the colored houses along the seafront, and the beaches made of stone. Leave Smögen and sail 15 nautical miles to discover the next destination.


Kärringön: is a pleasant and traditional island where the time seems to stand still. This tiny island is a little bit apart of the archipelago and counts 80 inhabitants. All the Swedish ingredients are gathered: fishing huts, coves and small harbors built in the rock. You could eat at the Peterson’s Krog: a famous fish restaurant. Sail 3.5 nautical miles from Kärringön to discover a traditional Swedish island.


Mollösund:is one of the oldest fishing village, located on the south-west tip of Orust. This island is full of red and cream color fishing huts. Near the harbor, stairs tailored into the rock, leads to a cove to swim into a crystalline waters. Thanks to footbridges, it is possible to cross the bay. Altogether, from Smögen to Mollösund you have sailed 18.5 nautical miles.


The Swedish archipelago is an amazing destination for sea lovers, wishing to discover a civilization who lives at the rhythm of the sea, and enjoying beautiful and pure landscapes. The charter company named “Navigare Yachting” offers you to sail around the beautiful Swedish canals. Navigare Yachting advices you to cruise between July and September, where the nights are short and the winds are moderate, to take full advantages of your journey. Thanks to multiple harbors and marinas along the coast, Sweden will know how to seduce you and make you discover its culture.

Discover Sweden by the sea, thanks to this video: