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Saint Brandon: a Turquoise Blue Paradise

5 February 2018 | | Reading time 3 minutes

Looking for an isolated and idyllic destination for your next catamaran cruise in the Indian Ocean? Reach the Saint Brandon archipelago, by sailing one day and a half from Mauritius. Discover islands and cayes, which draw a beautiful white sandbank where you will enjoy a beautiful fauna and flora and a lush under water.

Saint Brandon is an archipelago at 224 nautical miles of the north of Mauritus, composed by 5 islands’ group and around 40 cayes over 60 km. Originally, Saint Brandon was a volcanic island, with time and erosion this island becomes a coral atoll.

To help you organizing an unforgettable cruise, we offer you a selection of the most beautiful moorings of this area. For a nice start, drop anchor at the South Island.


South Island:

True fishing paradise, the famous South Island knows how to entertain sailors who will live the nicest experience of bonefishing (bonefish is the fisherman’s favorite prey because they have to be disciplined and discreet to catch it) of their entire life! Indeed, you will find the most important fishing activities around this island.

On the south of Saint Brandon, you could discover the snorkeling, at Shark Point, a famous spot for its under-water world. From September to May you could swim surrounded by sharks, sea turtles, manta rays into fabulous sea conditions. Always on the south, the Umbrina settingoffers you an explosion of colors with parrotfishes and tropical fishes living there.

Coco Island:

Few nautical miles away from the South Island, you will reach Coco Island. It is the economical island of the archipelago. It is one of the prettiest island with beautiful white sand beaches. Walking through the island you will meet old infrastructures and deserted huts, as testimony of a glorious past.

Waters, populated with fishes, of the Coco Island are an invitation to explore the seabed. Endowed with a maritime preserved biodiversity, the south of the archipelago is great to discover the coral reefs colonized by lobsters, octopus fishes, and crayfishes.


Pearl and Fregate Cayes:

If you sail through the north-west, around Pearl and Fregate cayes, you will meet sharks, manta rays and marine turtles. Diving in the Passe Gayane setting, located in the east, you could observed various pelagic fishes as barracudas, jack fishes, and King fishes. Travel around lagoons, and cayes to target tropical fishes that you could cook on board your catamaran to enjoy tasty dishes.

Albatross Island:

By sailing to the north of the archipelago, you can discover the Albatross Island and her rich biodiversity. Far from the crowed places, Saint-Brandon has kept a virgin ecosystem and magnificent lagoons ready to be explored. Almost deserted, the beaches are colonized by sea turtles, which lay their eggs on the sand.

Thanks to 1,01 km² of land the Albatross is the largest island of the archipelago and stay an important ornithological area. Safe from predators thanks to a hostile seabed, diverse sea birds colonized the island located on the north endpoint of Saint Brandon. If you go for a walk, you will meet Macao bird and other tropical birds.

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