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Thailand, a paradise-like destination

7 February 2022 | | Reading time 4 minutes

Written in collaboration with Click&Boat 

An inspiring destination that gives you an immediate disconnect. Unplug from everyday life by sailing in Thailand, the land of smiles with boat rental in Thailand. It manages to remain very popular without revealing all its secrets – and we know some very well-kept ones. You talk of nothing but that one trip that will stand out? You’ve come to the right place.

Paradise-like beaches, captivating temples and fragrant cuisine… Thailand is one of those destinations that fascinate you the moment you step on the dock. All around, a succession of emerald rice fields, mountainous peaks and enchanting islands will pass before the eyes of travelers who have come to experience a timeless cruise. In the appropriately nicknamed “Caribbean of Asia”, there are around twenty islands that are like jewels waiting to be discovered. Jump willingly into its charms to awaken your senses: make your eyes shine, invigorate your taste buds (outstanding memories created by street food such as a Pad Thai or Panang Curry) and excite your passion for cruising, all in the heart of the Indian Ocean. From Pattaya to Phuket, the friendliness and smiles of the locals will only enhance the idyllic character of your getaway, whether with your family, your soulmate or among friends.

Searching of enchanting landscapes, trim your sails to make a course for Phuket, Ko Chang or the dreams promised by Phi Phi. In the Gulf of Thailand or on the Andaman coasts, the underwater fauna and flora that offer divers such a magnificent show. Find this smiling and generous Thailand as a top, exotic destination within reach of all your projects. Just remember, in the kingdom of the smile, boaters live like kings!

Thailand in figures…

1 Precious piece of advice: avoid the two peaks of the tourist season, late December and February

2 Must-see bays: Phang Na and Railay

4 Dream anchorages: Ko Sawang Yai, Mosquito Island, the passage between Koh Chong Lat and Koh Klui, Koh Kradan, close to the Emerald Cave

46 meters, the height of the Reclining Buddha

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Our favorites

Railay Beach displays its insolent beauty. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world on the outskirts of Phuket in Krabi province, Railay Beach asserts itself, to the delight of all your senses. Mangroves, steep cliffs, traditional boats – one thing is sure: you can’t stay long inside your boat!

Koh Lipe, in its pristine state… In the south of Thailand, this enchanted island is a place where peace and tranquility reign. With fewer inhabitants than animals, this small natural paradise has a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Diving into the island’s underwater scenery will only add flavor to this charming stopover. You may even see a whale sha rk or a seahorse in its natural habitat!

Koh Tapu, is known not only as the “nail island”, but also James Bond’s island, having been used as a film location in both “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “The Man with the Golden Gun”. As grandiose as it is symbolic, this little corner of paradise in Phang Nga Bay exudes a soothing calm. Just opposite are the secret caves of Koh Phing Khan that will wonderfully satisfy your curiosity.

5 Reasons to go sailing in Thailand

  1. Ideal and easy sailing conditions between the islands
  2. Lively traditions combine with mythical natural landscapes
  3. A plethora of dive sites to explore, unmissable and little-known
  4. An array of local and traditional dishes to taste
  5. The smile and the kindness of the Thai people

The best time to visit Thailand

Though Thailand’s tropical climate varies from one region to another, there are two main, distinct seasons. To make the most of this extraordinary boating destination, we advise you to avoid the monsoon season between May and October, recommending instead the dry season, from December through April. The air temperature is on average 33°C (91°F) and the water temperature is around 29°C (84°F): perfect conditions for sunbathing on deck or for taking a dip in the amazing turquoise water!