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The galley aboard your Lagoon

5 April 2022 | | Reading time 2 minutes

Produced in collaboration with Bridget

The choice of pots and pans for your galley is not as unimportant as you might think. The quality, material and size of your cookware will influence the taste and variety of your dishes, but also your cooking habits and the space available on board.

Below is a small selection of basic items that BRIDGET, a catamaran chef, uses in her galley and is sharing with you today so that you don’t miss anything while you’re cruising!

As space is limited, a few essentials are necessary to make your task easier and to ensure that making your recipes doesn’t become (or no longer becomes) a big ordeal.

You will be able to complete this small list according to your habits and the space which you have in your galley and its storage areas…


  • A pressure cooker and/or a large cooking pot
  • A large and small non-stick pan with removable handles and lids
  • A large and small non-stick frying pan with removable handles and lids
  • A collapsible silicone colander
  • A set of silicone pie and fondant trays
  • A non-stick or silicone casserole dish
  • An Italian coffee maker, kettle

Knives, etc.

  • A peeling knife, for coring, cutting
  • A paring knife for slicing
  • A chef’s knife for meat and vegetables
  • A bread knife
  • The unavoidable “Swiss Army Knife”
  • A knife-sharpener or a sharpening stone
  • A cutting board

Smaller utensils

  • A vegetable peeler and slicer
  • A grater, garlic press, whisk, plastic measuring jug
  • Kitchen scissors, wooden spoon, basting brush, straining spoon, ladle, funnel

Storage containers

  • Airtight containers, with a vacuum system for a longer conservation of foodstuffs and/or in stretchable silicone
  • Cork or airtight stoppers for open bottles and clips for opened packets

And don’t forget:
• An apron, dish towels, oven gloves, a tin opener, a bottle opener and… the corkscrew for your aperitifs!

Away you go!

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