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30 October 2018 | | Reading time 1 minute



Learning to windsurf in her childhood, Laurie became accustomed to the marine environment. But what really revealed her taste for the sea was when she took the helm of the family boat.

Originally from the Bordeaux region, she gets out on the water as soon as she can and sails regularly in the area. Eager for new sensations, Laurie likes to take on new challenges and discover new water sports. Laurie joined the Lagoon team in October 2017.



The sea, sailing, water sports: Clémentine fell into it as a youngster. In La Rochelle, the city of her childhood, sailing is an institution! Her playground became the Pertuis Rochelais and its islands. During various sailing courses she developed her taste for boating. Curious and always looking for new thrills, she quickly discovered other watersports. In 2018, after having lived in Bordeaux for several years, she began her professional adventures at Lagoon.

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